Prabhath Asoka Gunawardena


From the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean in south east Asia,  I grew up surrounded by vast amounts of nature such as mountains, waterfalls and incredible beaches. With cultural depth and the surrounding paradise, adding to the beauty, tradition, dancing and colors have made marks in developing my art.

Since I was a very small child, my talent was nurtured by my parents and brother. By doing so they assisted in creating my career as an artist. Their support aided in the development of my passion and allowed me to continue to create paintings.

All throughout my educational career, my talents improved with the help of my teachers and mentors by searching to generate new ways to draw and create. I went to Isipathana College in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I continued to learn more on the subject of art.

After moving to the United States, in 1980’s with my wife to Virginia, I persuaded my passion in art by sharing  and creating more work that represents who I am. Soon after migrating to the state of North Carolina I invested more of my time to making my pieces more visible to the community by being part of exhibitions and festivals. Introducing my paintings   also helps me develops new techniques in art.  Many of my art is inspired by my culture, uses of movement and the vibrancy of all that it holds.

I share my art in hopes of inspiring others to appreciate different culture and styles of my work. Thank you for visiting my page, please feel free to comment on any of the work you see.